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2/18/2012 - Nancy L. North Highlands, CA

Once again Audra has out done herself!!!  I have been contemplating extensions for along time, not for so much length but for fuller hair. I have fine, thin hair and today she made my hair look AWESOME!!!! The extensions look so natural and she blended the colors in so no coloring was needed! I can actually put my hair in a pony tail and it doesn't look wimpy! Thanks again Audra, what would I do without you......

12/13/2011 - Nancy L.
North Highlands, CA (1 Previous Review)

I have been seeing Audra for over a year, followed over from her previous salon, I am a difficult and high maintenance client :). Always last minute and in a crisis, but Audra always makes time for me. I love her new spot, its like hanging with the girls, professional and everyone is so nice. She always knows what it is Im looking for when I half explain the look I want and it always is perfect!




11/29/09 - Carley Weldon, 29-female, Granit Bay, CA 

     I found Audra on Myspace, and tried her out (first cut: FREE!), as I've been looking for another stylist since mine moved away, months prior. I was not disappointed! She listens, and offers great (and more importantly, workable) suggestions. She really takes her time to achieve perfection, and keeps an eye on all the little details. She wants you to be able to feel good everyday with your cut, and be able to maintain it, not just love it the day you leave the salon. She teaches you how to style it, and what products/tools to use. I have seen her a few times since, loved it everytime, and since I am terrible about fitting my next appointment into my schedule in a timely manner, I end up going several months in between cuts. Since I have a short A-line cut, you'd think it'd look terrible by the time I get in...... But, it never does!! Truely a sign of a quality cut! This weekend, my family was together for my birthday, and one of my uncles happens to be this high-end hairdresser in San Francisco. The second he spotted me, he didn't even say Hello, he walked right up and shouts: "OMG! I love your hair!!", and proceeded to fawn all over the "beautiful transition and flow from the long layers up front to the shorter layers in back" and how difficult that really was to acheive. He kept talking to everyone about it all night! It cracked me up, made me feel good. He said I found someone fabulous, and that if I'm not gonna drive all the way to S.F. to see him, that I'd better stay with her forever, cuz she's awesome!


4/17/09 - Shelly T, 21, Sacramento, CA

     I would definitely give Audra five stars! Not only does she do a great job on hair, but she also goes above and beyond with her clients! I got a call from my boyfriend saying he told the hair dresser he went to, Audra to do what she wanted and that he wanted my opinion. I came home and looked at him and thought it looked great-clean and styled, but it didn't really fit his personality. He was feeling the same way and we went back to get it fixed. I don't know about you, but it is very important to me that a hair stylist wants to make sure the client is happy with their hair. She was so nice and said no problem, lets do it now (she had an appt. in less than a half hour). She fixed it to just his liking and did it with a smile (where a lot of people act irritated and take offense). HE LOVES HIS HAIR NOW!!!!! Also, the side burns look so amazing!
So, being that my highlights were overly grown out and I needed a cut badly, I gave her a call the next day. She was able to see me that night (yesterday) and gave me the best hair cut, color and style ever!!! I mean, I have had it since last night and I have had over a dozen compliments on it! She did exactly like I asked, yet gave great recommendations and even took the extra time to show me ways to style it! Her motto is that if people don't know how to work with their new haircut they aren't going to really like it and she wants her clients to stay with her. I have hopped around for years from different hair dressers trying to find THE ONE, and I found her. She is doing a promotion right now, but don't quote me if you find this in a few weeks as she may change it, but your first haircut is free! (Without a free haircut it is still a decent $115 for my color, cut, and style and my hair is like 6inches past my shoulders!


5/27/2009 - Melissa CP

..... I'd have to say that Audra is the best stylist that I have ever gone to. She trys to make you as comfortable as possible and trully understands what you are looking for. My first hair cut with her was free and she did such a great job that I will be her client for as long as I can. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. They really try to take the best care of you they can.


3/8/2009 - rachaelsorenson

     audra the stylist does the most amazing hair cut and colors of any one i have ever gone to. and i have gone to a lot. the salon is clean, but warm and inviting. and they dont try to get you to buy things that arent made for your hair, not to mention that the first cut with audra is free. you cant beat that.


Christine, Roseville, CA

      came here hoping for at least a decent haircut and I walked out with such a great experience. Audra cut and styled my hair and I just loved it. The service is phenomenal and Audra is so very precise at cutting each and every hair perfectly. She really listens to what you ask for.


Arcelia, Fairfield, CA

     Thanks. I am so happy with the hair cut you gave me. It’s very chic. Great eye. Great recommendation, the cut really complements my face. Everyone is telling me they love it. Thank you sooo much. See you next month.


Rose, Sacramento, CA

     You're totally my new fav person! I really love my hair. I got a lot of compliments on the color today at work.


 9/3/10 - Janet p  - Rocklin CA


I desperately needed to change stylists so I recently decided to make an appointment for the first time with Audra at GS Salon.  I normally don't do reviews, but honestly, you have to go get your hair done by this stylist.  You will not be sorry.  She makes you feel like a million bucks!  Audra is very professional, quite talented, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.  My hair had "a lot going on" with various shades of brown and previous highlights done by a stylist I had been going to for three years.  She did her best to repeat the pattern...which believe me, was very difficult.  She not only did an amazing job at adding extensions, but also gave me beautiful color and highlights.  I am truly impressed at the level of service and the  "attitude free" atmosphere.  Her prices are very reasonable- you get exactly what you paid for.  I have already made my follow up appointment.



















6130 Fair Oaks Blvd Carmichael CA, 95608 (916)971-1556
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